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Dojang Coach Certification Information

Dojang Coach (DC) is the NCCP Competition Introduction level context for Taekwondo. It is a Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) approved context and DC certification is the current standard for coaching at the National level.



         Certifications / Registrations

            - Assistant Instructor certified

            - Registered with Taekwondo Canad



NCCP Multi-Sport Competition

Introduction Modules

    - Making Ethical Decisions

    - Planning a Practice

    - Nutrition

    - Basic Mental Skills

    - Teaching and Learning


Taekwondo Canada Competition

Introduction Sport Specific Training


     - Dojang Coach Workshop

Evaluation Requirements

Non-NCCP Certifications and Training

Standard First Aid with CPR Level C Certification

    - 16-hour residential course and evaluation

    - Must be equivalent to Red Cross and Saint John Ambulance Standard First

      Aid with CPR Level C certification

            - Coach must show equivalency with Red Cross and                     Saint John Ambulance certification

            - Online training is not acceptable


Canadian Provincial or National Referee Course


Locker e-Learning


Modules / Evaluations

     - Making Headway Online Training (Locker e-Learning)

     - Making Ethical Decisions (Competition Introduction)

       online evaluation


Dojang Coach Context Evaluation
    - Dojang Coach Portfolio
    - Dojang Coach Formal Observation and Debrief

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